Bikaner, known in the world for it’s “BHUJIA & PAPADS”, spicy snacks made from fried gram and pulses and also for “RASGULLAS” (a dessert). Bikaner has attained popularity for items stitched out of camel hide which includes belts, wallets, bags, and Jutties (footwear) etc. Government Khadi Emporium at Mahatma Gandhi Road for local blankets, rugs, carpets, wood carvings and lacquer work.

Handicraft of Camel Hide (Bikaner)Camel and sheep wool woven carpets and woolen items can be purchased from here. Raw wool produced in Bikaner is renown for its quality and has proved best for making carpets . Bikaner wool blended with New Zealand wool has approved ideal for making carpets. Bikaner is rich in jewellery and has a unique style. Some of the traditional designs are Rikhari, Timaniya, Bala, Bajuband,Gajara, Gokharu, Jod etc.

It is famous for enameled form of jeweller that is known as Kundan. Uncut stones, usually diamonds, are set into gold: the back uses enamel ornamentation in the “raised field” technique so that figures and floral designs can be set within hollows created by gold lines within which rich patinas of enamel are painted in. This same champleve style is extended to ornamentation on everything from swords to condiment boxes and goblets where it’s brilliance can be more publicly exhibited.

Juties of BikanerAlso worth buying are ‘Nokha Quilts’, known for light weight and better insulation. Beautiful cotton fabrics including sanganeri prints, tie & dies, paintings, embroidered shoes etc. are the best buys for women. In Junagarh at the entrance is an excellent craft shop run by Urmul Trust. Items sold here are of high quality and made by people of surrounding villages. Proceeds go directly to improve health and education projects in these villages.
The main shopping area lies around Kote Gate and Junagarh Fort which has interesting bazzars