Shri Kolayat Temple, Bikaner

Night view of Shri Kolayat Temple, BikanerShri Kolayat Temple, BikanerA famous pilgrimage spot with a temple dedicated to Kapil Muni (saint) is situated 50 km from Bikaner on highway leading to Jaisalmer.Kapil Muni sat in meditation near the lake.Muni was propounder of Sankhya Philosophy The temple is the venue for an annual fair held in the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov) when the thousands of devotees gather in a large number to take a sacred dip in the holy waters of the Kolayat lake( Kapil Sarovar) on the full moon day. Lake is considered to have the effect of washing off the sins of devotees. A cattle fair, especially for the trading of camels is a part of the festivities.The town is connected to Bikaner by road as well as rail.