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Fun and Entertainment in Bikaner

BIKANER provides wide range of activities to choose from for travellers delight. There are number of theaters, talkies, museums, parks hover around

Cinemas & Theaters


1) Suraj talkies
2) Shri Ganga Theater
3) Prakash Chitra talkies
4) Minerva talkies
5) Vishwa Jyoti talkies
6) Town Hall
7) Railway Auditorium

Shri Ganga Theater, Bikaner
Shri Ganga Theater

1) Ganga Golden Jublee
2) Prachina Museum
(in Junagarh)
3) Sadul Museum


Sports activities

1) Ganga Golden
Jublee Club
2) Sardul Club
3) Railway Club
4) Rotract Club
5) Rotary Club
6) Lions Club
7) Pioneer Adventure

swimming pools

Sadul Club
Balaji Resort
Teja Garden
Heritage Resort

Wall Climbing
State of the art wall climbing
facility is available at Karni
Singh Stadium
Cycling Vellodrum
Near Karni stadium
Private golf course at the
Royal House
(Prior permission)

Town Hall in Bikaner
Town Hall


Amusement Parks

1) State Library
2) Anup Sanskriti Library
3) Jublee Nagri Library
1) Public Park
2) Gandhi Park
3) Rattan Bihari Park
4) Vakra Path (Jogging Track)
5) Sky Bird (Nal 15 Kms)

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