Camel Safari

Bikaner is regarded as camel country due the abundance of camel in this region. The camel may look aloof but its the lifeline for the people of the desert whose communication needs depends on this vital beast for their very survival. Most journeys to the hinterlands are still made on camel back, or in camel in carts , and the camel is also used for ploughing the arid fields of the desert.

Since the sun can get very hot in desert, the best times for a camel safari are in the morning and evening, even in the cooler winter months. Such safaris are usually run by professional outfits who hire raikas, the camel keepers who are adapt at finding the best routes and water holes in the desert, and navigate almost by instinct guided, of course, by the position of the stars at night.

Safari Providers
Rajsthan Safaris & Treks
138, Gandhi Nagar, Near Narendra Bhawan,
Bikaner (Rajasthan) – 334001,
Phone: 91-151 – 527072 & 525594
TeleFax: 91-151 – 527072, 208092 & 201334
Contact Person: Birendra Singh Tanwar
Vino Desert Safari
Opp. Gopeshwar Temple, Gangashahar,
Bikaner (Rajasthan).
Phone: 270445
Contact Person: Vinod Bhojak
Camel Man
Opp. Sophia School, Jaipur Road, Bikaner (Rajasthan).
Phone: 0151 – 231244
Fax: 0151 – 525150
Contact Person: Vijay Singh

Camel safaris can range from just a day to several days, and you can choose an option that best meets your needs and schedules. Most such safaris can traverse a distance of 30-40 kms a day and you may need to plan accordingly.

Tips For You: Bikaner belt provides the best safari points in the region. Visitors are advised to dress modestly since the safari may pass, and camp, in close proximity of villages. A sola-topee , the local turban or some form of hat protection is essential, and people are advised that they should drink water at regular intervals.