Real Youth Icon – Sandeep Acharya: Harmony, Towards a better tomorrow

Harmony – Towards a better tomorrow
A Grand Musical Night
Indian Idol Sandeep Acharya
4th May 2008, Sunday | Puskarna Stadium, Bikaner
Entry Free
For the cause of elderly people

Brief Background

Youth is the social capital of any society and whenever guided carefully, they proved to be a massive source of energy and an explicit resource for the society. In the recent times, due to increasing peer-pressure for the career oriented activities, and also due to various reasons popping up in the society, they are a bit wayward when their social responsibility is accounted! However, we firmly believe that this is just because of ignorance that they are not able to participate in the activities directed for the most vulnerable, fragile and ignored section of the society – the unattended and resource poor senior citizens. There is an urgent need to have intervened at this stage so that before they get lost in the oblivion, they can be aligned in the society for such issues which truly need attention, particularly from the younger generation who is shaping the future of the society by their own zeal and passion.

This is a high time that we must think of channelizing the youth potential and energy to a direction where it is needed the most!

In this backdrop, HelpAge India and Kamal Group of Arts joined hand to bring forward talented, committed and responsible youths who not only can contribute themselves but can also lead their peers to involve them in the works of HelpAge India and other similar organizations working for the betterment of life – particularly of the section which has no other alternative but just hope – that their own people will take care of them when they need it most.

Sandeep Acharya - Harmony
Things cannot be changed overnight but the Awareness Campaign through a grand cultural eve may provide a kick off to other such activities and participatory approach in the youngsters of the society. Hope is the pivot upon which the world revolves and we are hopeful that this can trigger off the process that we are aiming for.
Event OrganizersHelpAge India is an International NGO – working for the social cause of needy and unattended senior citizens from the last 30 years in India. HelpAge India doesn’t need an introduction; it is solely their efforts that a number of other organizations, state and central governments, and funding agencies have started taking this issue seriously and are coming forward with some immediate assurance, however small they may be. There is a wealth of donors associated with HelpAge India and they are moving forward with each passing day to cater the disadvantaged, unattended and needy senior citizens through resources, services and other possible modes.
To summarize the activities and motives of HelpAge India – they are the pioneer organization assuring Right, Relief, and Advocacy for issues related to this section of the society. More information of the activities, scope of work and associates of HelpAge India is available on their website

Kamal Group of Arts is relatively new but a truly committed group for performing arts. A self-managed and inclusive of immensely committed, passionate and optimistic youngsters, Kamal Group of Arts has gained accolades from all sectors of the society for its hallmark approach for creating awareness for the burning social issues through stage shows, road shows and plays, and other such small but equally important activities organized by NGOs and Government agencies in Bikaner and surrounding areas. Their presence is a must in the social-cultural programs where mass appeal is a mandate!

Sandeep Acharya - harmony Guest Celebrity

None other than Indian Idol Sandeep Acharya is performing in the cultural eve with his group. He really doesn’t need an introduction; has been a nation favourite and an International fame artist after winning the Indian Idol show on the Sony TV. Himself a young blood, Sandeep enjoys the love and affection of his hometown more than anywhere else in the world! Need not to mention, his presence is the USP of the show and we honestly accept that half of our efforts got fruitful outcomes when he humbly accepted the offer to perform in the show for social cause. He is an idol for the youngsters of Bikaner and they look at him with unparallel respect.
Sandeep hails from Bikaner and his interactivity is quite straight forward – giving more weightage to the mandate of the whole campaign. We are proud to have him performing in the show which certainly would not have been colossal without him on the stage.

Program Details
Date and Day: 4th May 2008, Sunday
Time: 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: Puskarna Stadium, Outside Nathusar Gate, Bikaner
Entry: Free

The stadium is at a premier location in the city and this would add to the numbers of audience which can pour into from different parts of the city and equally easily from the outer skirts of Bikaner. This will be for the first time after Sandeep Acharya won the Indian Idol title that he will perform in the inner city area and we expect that the audience will come in huge number.

Sandeep Acharya - harmony
Sandeep Acharya - Harmony

Contact details:

For Kamal Group of Arts,
1) Mr. Rajendra hatila (9214430035)
2) Mr. Jaydeep Upadhyay (9414230035)
3) Mr. Rohit Bora (9214402659)

For Helpage India
4) Mr. Rajendra Purohit (9414604026)