Real Youth Icon – Rohit Sharma

Real Youth Icon: Rohit Sharma – Setting Trends!

Very few have this opportunity knocking at the door to a bright future in the life, and those people rarely look back when they grab those opportunities! Rohit Sharma became one such luckiest guy when he joined 92.7 Big FM. Rohit Sharma is among those few who set the trend for GenNext by becoming the first RJ (Radio Jockey) of 92.7 Big FM Rajasthan as well as of Bikaner for its first ever and very own FM Radio Station 92.7 Big FM – Suno Sunao; Life Banao! Pioneers are always those who have something extra to offer which is so very true in case of Rohit!

Rohit is a multifaceted talent; because some people are chosen by their profession rather they pick their career, he is doing full justice to his role of being an RJ while enjoying it like no other thing would have made him happier. A popular name in every household, he set a record for continuous RJ-ing for 92.7 hours and the whole city was amazed and amused by the rare gift of nature to this committed individual.

At first look, he is very introvert and a shy looking handsome hunk. His general image of soft-spoken and shy guy goes miles away when people listen to him Live on the radio and wonders how this could happen in no time! His charming personality creates an ambiance that people love him no matter what it takes even in the tense corporate environment where he works. And no wonder he is loved by one and all wherever he goes, whoever he works with. His baritone has given him the advantage to be the front runner in the media he is working in.

Along with his team, he created a buzz when the 92.7 Big FM was launched in Bikaner. They worked hard 24×7 and it is because of the wholehearted efforts of this team that 92.7 Big FM is a brand name in Bikaner that serves typical FM styled program with a local flavor!Rohit achieved a memorable feat when he did a Live, 92.7 hrs non-stop RJ-ing! It created a ripple in the FM circle across the nation. It was indeed an unparallel task that Rohit accomplished with the support of his team. The theme of this marathon Live event was Patriotism and Green Bikaner, broadcasted on 11 Aug (3:00 PM) to 15 Aug (11:07 AM) amounting to non-stop 92.7 hours in the year 2008.

Apart from his RJ-ing, he is also a known figure in the performing arts in Bikaner and has been associated with various theater groups and NGOs before joining RJ-ing with 92.7 Big FM. To his colleagues, he is still that down-to-earth young, dedicated and committed lad whom they know ever since.One may wonder what is that he does when RJ-ing now-a-day is nothing new! But his standards are so high & praiseworthy because he integrates unique social and moral aspects of this lovely city with great concern in his RJ-ing which fun-loving, happy to talk RJs won’t do generally in their profession! This is an altogether new and untouched territory that Rohit touched upon and that’s why he is so special and important to the City of Bikaner. RJ-ing is generally a talkative, quick-responding profession but Rohit is giving a new touch to his profession and has been setting trends by giving a local touch to all national, regional, social and moral issues.

One of the key things of his RJ-ing is that he always promotes heritage & culture of the city of Bikaner, and ever ready to bring up youth & talented youngsters to provide them a medium to express themselves. He definitely has a soft heart for students, kids, housewives, girls and senior citizens of the city; he interacts with all these sections with such an ease that they gel so well with Rohit and shred their inhibitions all at once. His concerns for the society and the environment were again surfaced when he broadcasted Save the Water Campaign on 2, 3, and 4th Oct 2009 from 6 AM to 11 PM [17 hours a day and 51 hours in total). He requested people to take oath and save water in their daily life: Social responsibility in these cut-throat days of the highly competitive corporate environment is very rare but Bikaner has witnessed it through its very own – Rohit Sharma.

92.7 Big FM always try hard to bring positive change in their listener’s lives with awareness programs and in this chain recently they brought Cyclothon in which RJ Rohit took an oath to use the cycle to work once a week. RJ Rohit inspired people of Bikaner to contribute their bit to save environment, as they took pledge to use cycle to work once a week and around 300 hundred people participated with RJ Rohit in cycle rally (Cyclothon).

Apart from RJ-ing, he has many roles to play because of his profession; He, in fact, touches the life of his listeners! Son to the mothers, brother to sisters and a friend to the youngsters, Rohit has made bonds in all spheres of life. He has been awarded a number of honors and the list is still counting! He is a Real Youth Icon and RealBikaner congratulates him for being so nice, generous and a trendsetter!

Contributed By Mr. Chandra Kumar