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Real-Bikaner in Books
Real Bikaner in Books
Lonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra
Description:Discover Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra See the Taj Mahal in a new light with a romantic midnight viewing Appreciate the balance of man and nature at a Bishnoi village Nibble spicy bhajiaat Delhi's bustling bazaars Bat eyelashes with camels at the kaleidoscopic Pushkar Camel Fair In This Guide From desert to Delhi: 1000-plus hours of author research, hundreds of train rides, 165 tasty thalis Brush up on local artistry and pick up shopping tips from the Rajasthan Arts & Crafts chapter Insightful, all-new Culture and History chapters by a Delhi-based author Content updated daily - visit lonelyplanet.
Auther:Lonely Planet Staff, Lindsay Brown, Amelia Thomas
Published by:Lonely Planet, 2007
ISBN:1741046904, 9781741046908

Real Bikaner in Books
A communion of subjects
Description:A Communion of Subjectsis the first comparative and interdisciplinary study of the conceptualization of animals in world religions. Scholars from a wide range of disciplines, including Thomas Berry (cultural history), Wendy Doniger (study of myth), Elizabeth Lawrence (veterinary medicine, ritual studies), Marc Bekoff (cognitive ethology), Marc Hauser (behavioral science), Steven Wise (animals and law), Peter Singer (animals and ethics), and Jane Goodall (primatology) consider how major religious traditions have incorporated animals into their belief systems, myths, rituals, and art.
Auther:Paul Waldau, Kimberley Christine Patton
Published by:Columbia University Press, 2007
ISBN:0231136420, 9780231136426

Real Bikaner in Books
Footprint Rajasthan
Description:From Agra to Jaipur, Dehli to Mumbai, let Footprint’s 3rd edition of Rajasthan help guide you through this land of colourful tribal cultures, plush palaces and forbidding forts. One of India’s most fascinating states, with sun-scorched sands, perfect for desert safaris and lush green jungles home to majestic wildlife ideal for tiger watching, enjoy festival mayhem or replenish and relax on a yoga retreat, this beautiful region offers them all.
Auther:David Stott
Published by:Footprint Travel Guides, 2007
ISBN:1906098077, 9781906098070

Real Bikaner in Books
Description:India intense experience - the south of India lies in its Palm Beaches, Temple City, with its tea-covered hills and lush forests.
Who on the lagoons of Kerala through waterways and in a good beach restaurant has fresh fish eaten, is guaranteed by the South India in the spell. The Travel guide leads visitors into the vast cultural, religious and scenic diversity of the South On - it provides comprehensive information about national parks, customs and provides practical information of all kinds
Auther:David Abram, Devdan Sen, Nick Edwards, Mike Ford, Beth Wooldridge
Published by:DuMont Reiseverlag, 2006
ISBN:3770161351, 9783770161355

Real Bikaner in Books
Indien. Der Norden
Description: Concentrated culture and relaxing massages - The north of India does not only include the famous Golden Triangle Delhi - Agra - Jaipur, one of India's most popular tourist routes, but also a fascinating variety of other highlights:
From the Indian Himalayas, with its beautiful hiking trails on the camel rides inviting Thar desert to the ongoing level with a number of important pilgrimage sites. Over the entire region maintains a wealth of beautiful historic and religious buildings to be explored.
Auther:David Abram, Devdan Sen, Nick Edwards, Mike Ford, Beth Wooldridge
Published by:DuMont Reiseverlag, 2006
ISBN:3770161572, 9783770161577

Real Bikaner in Books
Auther:Edda Neumann-Adrian, Michael Neumann-Adrian
Published by:Mair Dumont Marco Polo, 2002
ISBN:3829701365, 9783829701365

Real Bikaner in Books
Description:Passing villages, temples and churches: Fascinating houseboat tours on the backwaters, Drawn carriages and jugglers: Treffpunkt Chowpatty Beach, Travel with insider tips, With travel-atlas
Auther:Edda Neumann-Adrian, Michael Neumann-Adrian
Published by:Mair Dumont Marco Polo, 2008
ISBN:3829704305, 9783829704304

Real Bikaner in Books
Description:Discover India
Shield your eyes as the desert sun ignites the sandstone of Jaisalmer Fort, Sway side-to-side as you lumber through the jungle tiger-spotting on the back of an elephant in Corbett Tiger Reserve, Head for the hills and the heavens: adventure out from Darjeeling on a trek with stunning Himalayan views, Align your chakras and get bent into a new position at a yoga class in Mumbai.
Auther: Joe Bindloss, Sarina Singh, James Bainbridge, Lindsay Brown, Mark Elliott, Stuart Butler
Published by:Lonely Planet, 2007
ISBN:1741043085, 9781741043082

Real Bikaner in Books
Description: Everywhere we have taken this style of accommodation, where everything is curious and asks the eye: the beauty of women, their jewelry, their colorful sails, the presence of men in their large turbans: the address of the artisans working on the not their tiny shops, all the moving beauty of everyday India, peaceful and smiling despite the insecurity. This comprehensive guide is easy to read. It offers a clear presentation of the country (geography, history, society, arts, religions, etc..).
Auther:Annie Sorrel
Published by:Editions Olizane, 2005
ISBN:2880863309, 9782880863302

Real Bikaner in Books
India del nord
Description:A guide to admire the splendid museums of Delhi and dive into the past, shelter from the sunlight of the desert which is reflected sull'arenaria of Jaisalmer Fort, a swinging back of elephant trying to spot tigers in Corbett Tiger Reserve, from Darjeeling to trekking with views of the Himalayan peaks. Seven authors, 252 days of research on the spot, only 28 new hotels in Delhi, a new chapter "Activities" which includes natural safari, hiking, trekking, Ayurveda and yoga classes.
Published by:EDT srl, 2008
ISBN:8860402530, 9788860402530

Real Bikaner in Books
Description:special sections on architecture and traditional Rajasthani dress, excursions to Delhi and Agra, key destinations within India's Golden Triangle, accommodation options include luxury havelis, palace hotels and converted forts, details on the state's renowned camel fairs and its colourful festivals
Auther:Monique Choy, Sarina Singh
Published by:Lonely Planet, 2002
ISBN:1740593634, 9781740593632

Real Bikaner in Books
Let's Go India & Nepal 8th Ed
Description:Features over 7,500 travel bargains on accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and attractions in the region
Includes: Entries at all price levels for lodging, food, attractions, and more, Must-have tips for planning your trip, getting around, and staying safe, Expanded coverage of trekking with day-to-day trail descriptions, In-depth cultural information that offers an insider's look at life in the region, The scoop on India's swankest nightlife, Detailed maps of cities, towns, and the outdoors
Auther:Jane Yang, Let's Go, Inc., Janet Evanovich
Published by:Macmillan, 2003
ISBN:031232006X, 9780312320065

Real Bikaner in Books
The Rough Guide to India
Description:The guide to India is a useful handbook to an extraordinary country. The introductory colour section includes photography of the country's many highlights in the "42 Things Not To Miss" section, from boating on the backwaters of Kerala to taking in a cricket match at the Oval Maiden in Mumbai. It provides comprehensive accounts of every attraction from the vibrant cities and elaborate temples to Himalayan peaks and palm-fringed beaches. There is also practical advice on activities as diverse as camel trekking in the Rajasthan desert, rafting on the Indus and hiking through the lunar landscapes of Ladakh. The listings sections provide hundreds of insider reviews of the best hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars, shops and museums in every city and village.
Auther: David Abram, Rough Guides, Nick Edwards, Rough Guides (Firm), Mike Ford, Devdan Sen, Beth Wooldridge
Published by:Rough Guides, 2003
ISBN:1843530899, 9781843530893

Real Bikaner in Books
Heritage Holidays, North & Central India
Description:This comprehensive guide to holiday destinations covers all the states in North and northeast India and Madhya Pradesh in central India. It contains route guides to various getaways and provides accommodation listings, culture capsules, fast facts and information on where to stay and where to eat, when you get there. With stunning photographs, a useful glossary, and an index, this handy guide will help you decide where and how to get away to 40 destinations plus 100 bonus hideaways.
Auther:Outlook publishing
Published by:Outlook Publishing (India), 2004
ISBN:819017245X, 9788190172455

Real Bikaner in Books
Three Giants of South Asia
Description:On the political and social views of Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, 1891-1956, and Mahomed Ali Jinnah, 1876-1948.Using the contemporary evidence of B. R. Ambedkar, this study by Richard Bonney demonstrates that while there were personal disagreements between Gandhi and Jinnah, these were not so fundamental as to make partition inevitable until the British timescale for the transfer of power was shortened and the stakes for the future raised too high for compromise.
Auther: Richard Bonney
Published by:Media House, 2004
ISBN:8174951741, 9788174951748

Real Bikaner in Books
TTK traveller's companion to India
Description:Traveler's Companion gives an overview on each and every aspect of the country. It has different sections such as An Introduction, Government Regulations, Traveling in India, Checklist for the Traveller, Language Survival Tips, Communicating Tips, Indian Culture & Etiquettes, Basics of Indian Culture- For the Visitor, Health Concerns in India, Indian Cuisine, Shopping for Souvenirs, Guide to the Indian States, Guide to Metropolitan Cities, Accommodation, Embassies and Consulates in India, Airline Offices etc.
Auther: Fabiola Jacob, TTK Maps, TTK Healthcare Limited.
Published by:TTK Healthcare Ltd., Publications Division, 2007
ISBN:8170530342, 9788170530343

Real Bikaner in Books
Weekend Breaks from Delhi
Description:View the Himalaya from hill stations in their foothills...explore desert forts towering above the Thar...hear the roar of tigers in Corbett...raft in the white waters of the Tons...with Outlook Traveller Gateways. Weekend Breaks from Delhi follows five national highways out of Delhi in search of fabulous holidays in seven states, to the hills of Himachal and Uttaranchal, the sands of Rajasthan, the monuments to love in UP and MP, to Punjab and Haryana.
Auther:Vinod Mehta, Manju Rastogi
Published by:Outlook Pub. (India), 2004
ISBN:8190172441, 9788190172448

Real Bikaner in Books
Driving holidays in India
Description:The book is sprinkled with pages of informed reading on a route's history, modern developments and more beyond what the eyes can see."A motoring holiday that gives you temples and monuments, coffee plantations and misty slopes, the roar of trumpets and a regal city famous for its palaces and scent of sandalwood.
Auther:Bob Rupani
Published by:Rupani Media, 2005
ISBN:Not Available

Real Bikaner in Books
Auther:Sarina Singh, Dorothee Büttgen, Marion Zorn
Published by:MAIRDUMONT, 2006
ISBN:3829715536, 9783829715539

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