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Selection of Site:

There are many stories about the selection of site for Junagarh fort. The most popular is a story about the sheep that fell apart from its herd and gave birth to some young one under a KER bush (this KER bush existed on the southern side of Rai Niwas Chaubara in Junagarh fort till thirty years before). During the night when the wolves tried to kill the babies, their mother sheep bravely protected them. The omen tellers comprehended the whole story and declared that this place will produce brave men, if a fort is built here no enemy will be able to conquer it. Hence the site was chosen.

In 1585 AD, Raja Rai Singh ji sent a RUCCA KHAS (Sepcial Royal Order) from Burhanpur addressed to his Diwan (Prime Minister) Karam Chand Bachchhawat to build a new fort in Bikaner at the selected site.