Sardar Mahal

Mahal, which is north of Anup Chowk is a room built by Maharaja Sardar Singhji, which is called Sardar or Badal Mahal. The attraction here is beautiful shading of blue and white depicting clouds and lightening on walls. It is a beautiful example of Matheran art from Bikaner. the huge portrait of Maharaja Sardar Singhji, Th. Jai Singh Dundlod and Bhikaram on side and Hazuri Jawani Singh (Sword) and Hazuri Panne Singh (Dhal) and Maharaj Guman Singh on other side adorn the walls of Sardar Mahal. Maharaja Sardar Singhji was great Patron of art and Music. His musical instrument Mayur Veena and Garud Veena are dispayed in show case in Sardar Mahal. Maharaja Sardar Singhji liked to play the classical compositions and he loved to play Rag Malhar, which is usually played during the monsoon season. But in Bikaner, the effect and atmosphere for Rag Malhar, he got the walls painted like clouds and lighting and rain drops. To imitate real rain drop of water and then he would play Rag Malhar. Because of these, he painted clouds.This palace is also called Badal Mahal