Anup Mahal

Anup Mahal (Privy Council Room) has over elaborate prettiness – the gold Vermilion varnished work. Accents are effected by slighting the relief by replacing the vermilion background with a glorying green, blue and violet, by motifs treated completely in gold and by mirrors and mirrors or glass mosaic. The richest gift relief’s are found between the arches on top of the columns, which show leaf work, but by multiplication of the leaves and flowers the impression of a hill covered with Jungle is obtained. The glass mosaic shows Rama And Sita in domed pair lions and surrounded by Laxmana, Hanuman and other Royal followers. This mahal also feature one throne where the rules would sit and entertain most of his foreign guests and highly placed officials. Old and antique carpets adorn this mahal. Maharaja Ganga Singhji had one carpet made in Bikaner jail, this carpet was modeled on Persian design. It also matches the walls of the room. This carpet is product of Bikaner Jail, which leaves most visitors spell bound.