Freedom Fighters of Bikaner

The struggle for independence was a great upsurge of people against the barbarian British rule. The freedom – fighters of Princely states had had to fight against two authorities- the British Government and the kings of their respective states.

Babu Mukta Prasad: was the harbinger of freedom movement in Bikaner. He awaked the public against the despotic tendencies of the ruler and advocated for the establishment of responsible government in Bikaner. He was latter externed from Bikaner state in 1936.

Babu Raghuwar Dayal Goyal: He formed Praja Parishad in Bikaner in 1942. He was an eloquent orator and a man of national thinking. He was also externed from Bikaner but he offered himself for voluntary arrest. He awakened people to cast aside untouchability and social injustice

Baba Magha Ram: was another great freedom fighter. He rose his voice against injustice and tyranny. He was arrested and latter externed from Bikaner.

Bhiksha lal Bohra: who had an ardent belief in freedom unfurled the national flag in 1943 and was arrested for that ‘crime’.

Laxman Das Swami ‘Athak’: He was also arrested for raising his voice against the repression of pesants of Udairamsar. Having been externed from Bikaner, he passed his time in Hissar and Calcutta.

Among those who participated in freedom – movement was a devoted couple – Shree Ram Acharya and Laxmi Devi Acharya. They housed Praja Mandal office in their residence in Calcutta, conducted all underground activities and courted arrests several times. The name Khetu Bai will be remembered for her participation in peasant – movement and her glorious record during the struggle for freedom. Other illustrious sons of soil were Multan ji Darji, Jeetmal Purohit ‘Jeeta Bha’. Krishna Gopal ‘Guttad Maharaj ‘,Shree Gopal Damanni and Devidutt Pant. Non of them is alive today but the trail of glory that they left after them will always kindle new faith and patriotism in the hearts of the people off all succeeding generation.

Among those who were closely associated with leaders of freedom – movements, especially with Shri Jai Narayan Vyas, were Goverdhan Pania, Shree Gopal Acharya, Laxmi Narayan Vyas, Ram Gopal Mohata and Ram Krishan Acharya ‘Kalkatti’. Their association with Vyasji was an eloquent fact that they too were full of national feelings.

Now we come to those grate freedom – fighters who, by grace of God, are alive and are in position to inspire us with their unblemished services during the freedom – movement. Dau Dayal Acharya is a man of a strong will and fearless thinking. He was arrested and treacherously treated in jails. He remained undaunted even in the face of inhuman behaviour. Ganga Das Kaushik is a source of constant inspiration for our generation .His role as the Secretary of Praja Parishad and his association with Sh. Raghuwar Dayal Goyal will go down in the history as a token of selfless service and sacrifice during the freedom – movement. Ram Narayan Sharma, a freedom – fighter and journalist, joined the movement at an early age. He participated in Dudhwa Khara movement and started fast into – death in 1945 in the prison. Later he was released.

Ganga Dutt Ranga is great freedom – fighter and a man of strong will. His role in bringing out social reforms and his fearless contribution in freedom movement are glorious examples of patriotism and service to the nation. The famous Kangar agitation, the illustrious Praja – Parishad activities and fearless advocacy of nationalism have proved themselves as white feathers in his cap of glory.
Journalism was not an easy job in those days. It was full of risk and beset with dangers. Mail had to be dispatched in close secrecy and in a tactful manner. Every step was pointer of dangerous consequences. Mool Chand Pareek served this purpose preety well and kept leaders and public informed of all major developments.

Surendra Sharma is a leading freedom – fighter. Under inspiring instruction of Jai Narayan Vyas, he came to Bikaner and founded Hitwardhan Sewa Sadan. He was expelled from Bikaner when Viceroy Lord Linlithgo visited Bikaner on eve of Golden Jubilee of late Maharaja Ganga Singh. He remained a deep champion of social justice all through his life.