Culture of Bikaner

The cultural wealth of Bikaner becomes manifest in its simplicity, grace and creativity. The un-artificial and loving nature of life is the main essence of its cultural heritage. The regions love for color and joyous celebrations is proved by elaborate rituals and the gay abandon with which it surrenders to the numerous fairs and festivals of the region. In addition to the festivals celebrated by the Hindus, Muslims and the others ,there are also other traditional fairs.

Gangaur Procession

Gangaur Procession, BikanerFolk dances reflect the communism nature and human-beings through physical movements, gestures and various other modes of expression. The tradition of folk dance in Bikaner region is very old. It commenced long before the inception of Rathore dynasty in Bikaner and flourished as the time passed culminating in rich and varied styles of popular dances. The famous dances of ladies are ‘Ghumar’, ‘Saluda’, ‘Bhav’, and ‘Mataki’, while men perform ‘Ger’, ‘Patta’, ‘Tandava’ and ‘Pisach’ dances gaily and gleefully on different occasions.

Muslims perform ‘Patta’ dance at the time of Moharram with perfect skill, excellent balance and speedy movements. The Jasnathis of Bikaner are renowned for their Tantric powers and FIRE DANCE is in keeping with their life style. A large ground is prepared with wood and charcoal where the Jasnathi men and boys jump on to the fire to the accompaniment of drum beats. The music gradually rises and tempo reaches a crescendo, the dancers seem to be in a trance like state. They are not likely to have any blisters to show for it. These devotional performances are usually to be seen late on a winters night.

Fire Dance

Fire Dance, BikanerThe tastes and tradititions of folk life of Bikaner are reflected in it’s Rammats. People give free expressions to their feelings of pleasures and pains in Rammats( Folk Drama). Rammat has come down from early nineteenth century as one of the most popular forms of entertainments. It has it’s own narration, style and methods of presentation. Several Rammats have been standardized as the monopolized presentation of different mohallas in Bikaner.

People in modern Bikaner region are also known for their pleasure and contentment. The falgun Holi festivities, the folk dances, camel-rides, Dhamals and Loors etc. fill life with eternal joy. There are sacred places where people go for inspiration. Temples at Deshnok, Kolayat and Kodemdesar are visited by thousands of pilgrims.