BIKANER is known for its communal harmony which is reflected in reverence for the sacred places of all the communities. Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras are held in high esteem. Important places are as follows:

LaxmiNathJi Temple

Erected during the reign of Rao Lunkaran boasts of the superb archeological skills of artists and artisans . Statues of deities Vishnu and Laxmi stand here. The foundation of Bikaner was laid here in the year 1488 A.D. by Rao Bikaji. It being a historical monument has special identity.

Karni Mata Temple, Deshnok

Situated on route to Jodhpur , the temple is dedicated to Karni Mata -an incarnation of Durga.
The temple has fascinating huge silver gates and marble carvings that were donated by Maharaja Ganga Singhji.The most attractive feature of temple are the rodents who scamper freely within the premises, and if one touches your feet its considered auspicious. They are regarded sacred and devotees buy prasad (feeding) to offer to them.

ShivBari Temple

Built by Dungar Singhji in the late 19th century. The temple is surrounded by an embattlement wall. It has four-faced black marble Shiva statue and a bronze Nandi facing the Shiva-Lingam. There are two large reservoirs of water known as bawaris.

This red sandstone temple attracts thousands of visitors during Shravan (Feb) especially on mondays.

NagnechiJi Temple

Situated in the south-east of Bikaner city, has a historical importance. The statue of 18 armed Goddess having different weapons in her arms was brought here from Jodhpur by Rao Bikaji.It was one of the 18 heirlooms which the founder king got after a confrontation
with the then king of Jodhpur.

Sri Kolayatji Temple

A famous pilgrimage spot with a temple dedicated to Kapil Muni (saint). The temple is the venue for an annual fair held in the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov) when the thousands of devotees gather in a large number to take a sacred dip in the holy waters of the Kolayat lake( Kapil Sarovar) on the full moon day. A cattle fair ,especially for the trading of camels is a part of he festivities. The small oasis town is now an ideal picnic spot.

Kodamdesar Temple

Its installed by Rao Bikaji during the first three of his arrival from jodhpur, is another place of worship.

Bhandashah Jain Temple

The beautiful temple was erected near Laxminath temple in 1540A.D.Pure ghee (butter oil) and coconuts were reported to have been used in laying the foundation. Carved in red sand stone and white marble – its famous for carvings ,wall paintings , structural beauty and artistically designed statues.