Prachina Museum

Prachina Museum, BikanerThe princelly state of Bikaner was founded by Rao Bika Ji in the year 1488 A.D. Since the foundation of Bikaner, the rulers of Bikaner had a prominent and glorious role in the history of India. Keeping with the rich and glorious past of Bikaner, daughter of present Maharaja Narendra Singh Ji recently (Oct, 2000) opened a museum “PRACHINA”. It is an endeavor to recreate the past and highlight the pace of modernization activated with times and a representation of regional museum as there was a lacuna of courtly tradition and craft Museum in Bikaner.

“PRACHINA” is an effort to highlight the aristocratic patronage which thrived and survived in Bikaner. This museum hopes to build and develop a cultural center to revive the dying craft of Bikaner and amalgamate it to present life.